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The renowned multi-cultural rag dolls made in the four natural shades of Cocoa, Ginger, Sugarcream and Cinnamon!

A hand-crafted doll that is worth waiting for…Barbara El Wilson

Professional Storyteller

Barbara El Wilson who is based in Washington, DC has traveled throughout the United States and abroad and has gathered a plethora of stories delighting audiences wherever she goes! Do stay in touch by checking out our Blog!

Sugarfoots Dolls

Proudly handcrafted by trained seamstresses in the USA since 1992! Doll faces are intentionally hand embroidered; removable and washable clothing as well as the doll itself! Great for personal shopping or for a corporate gift package; perfect for ages from 4-94!

Tattle-Tales Book Series

Sugarfootn’ with Sugarfoots, our children’s book series telling folktales of stories from around the world!

Proud Recipient of the iParenting Media Award

iParenting Media Awards is a product review program that determines the best products for families in the marketplace.